Dare to stand out!

When your ideas are outside the box, don’t let four corners set the limits. At JCDecaux we applaud creative solutions that put our products to the test, always working to enable campaigns that breaks new ground of what’s possible in outdoor advertising.

We are constantly developing our conditions for innovative solutions to suit all clients, regardless of budget, format and the size of the campaign. We love to brainstorm creative ideas with our clients, and if you have an idea that you’re not sure will be possible to realize, please challenge us with it!

On this page we have put together examples of successful and creative campaigns, everything from smaller solutions with motives protruding from the billboard, to bigger installations, 3D solutions, and campaigns that completely wraps around the format. There’s also posters with sound, scent and flashes, and interactive screens that make passers-by stop and take notice. Let yourself be inspired!

Digital & Interaction

Surprise your target audience with a digital screen as an integrated part of your ad surface. Show digital material or let people interact with you through the use of a mouse, a touchscreen our a smartphone connection. The solution require electricity and is thus far only available at select locations in the biggest cities.


Electrolyte is a phosphate that allows selected parts of a poster to gradually light up and appear. That gives the image a very powerful and effective illusion of movement. The solution requires power and works best during the darker seasons.


Sampling enables you to hand out product samples with no need for on site staff. We’ll place a container on or in the ad space, from which passers-by can pick up their sample. We’ll keep the container filled per your request – for instance once a day. We offer sampling at selected locations in every city. When the billboard is scrolling, we make a special version with the container on the side of the sign.


Same same – but different. Lenticular is an optical effect that makes the motive change depending on viewing angle. If you for instance take one step to the side, or just approach the sign a bit, the motive will change. The posters are printed on a ribbed material with up to 60 different colors.

QR och Mopper

With a QR code you can make your outdoor campaign truly interactive. We offer two solutions for QR codes: Basic and Buy It. With Basic you can, for instance, make your ad lead to a campaign site, coupons, trailers, retailer locators or competitions. With Buy It you’ll be able to let people buy your product instantly, with just a few clicks on their smartphones.


A scent says more than a thousand words. The add-on Scent lets you spice up your campaign with the scent of your choosing – anything from fresh cut grass to pizza. Specific scents such as perfumes also work well. We’ll create a hole in your ad, where the scent will originate. Depending on weather and wind the scent can be detected at a distance from the billboard.

2D & 3D

An easy way to get a bigger impact is to ad another dimension to your ad. You can ad protruding objects with either a flat design (2D) or a molded piece (3D). It’s important that the protruding object wont risk harm to passers-by, and because of this every 2D or 3D solution must be approved by the municipality in question.



Show, don’t tell! Showcase lets you literally show off your brand. We rebuild our Eurosize billboards to function as a display windows, or other similar purposes. (Please note that it’s not always possible to utilize the complete surface on every billboard.)


We love to break boundaries and are always available to brainstorm creatives ideas with our clients. You have knowledge of your brand and we know everything there is to know about great outdoor advertising opportunities – together we can achieve greatness!