In October of 2016 we launched our revolution in digital out-of-home advertising: Digisize. In response to ad buyers and advertising agencies wanting bigger and better digital spaces outdoors, we created the biggest digital outdoor ad solution in Europe.

Available only at the biggest cities premium locations

Digisize is the first large format digital out-of-home advertising solution in Europe. It lets you create truly creative ads and present them to your target audience at the best locations of the ten biggest cities in Sweden.

With Digisize you’ll reach the consumers in Sweden with the greatest purchasing power. Every location is handpicked to attract an audience interested in premium shopping, entertainment, and finance.

The series consists of 150 digital spaces concentrated to main streets and venues at the most wealthy and well-visited areas of the biggest cities in Sweden.

The digital billboards are 2.6 metres high and always backlit. The size and luminosity of Digisize is a spectacular eye catcher, and the premium locations makes them your best choice for exposure.

Going digital in Stockholm City

Another great thing about Digisize is that it enables you to choose digital on all available spaces in Stockholm City. If you pick this alternative we guarantee that you’ll be one of the first advertisers to do so, since Stockholm is the first city in Europe where we offer digital out-of-home advertising in the Digisize format.

This information could be subject to change without prior notice.

We know where your target audience is at any given moment

To be able to provide you as an advertiser with the best accuracy possible, we’ve partnered up with Swedish research company TNS Sifo. This means that we know with great precision who views our ad locations, and which time slots will be the best for you to reach your specific target audience.

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